Friends of Wyoming Life Resource Center

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A Non-Profit Organization Supporting The Intellectually & Physically Disabled, Staff & Families Involved With WLRC

The Friends of WLRC is a group of parents, guardians, family, friends, concerned citizens and businesses who have come together to support clients residing at WLRC in Lander, WY. The Friends of WLRC is a non-profit organization formed to help provide support and a voice for those who can not speak for themselves. WLRC provides exceptional care for our loved ones, and the Friends of WLRC want to support the cause of care for all those associated with WLRC -- the residents, the care providers, and the families.


WLRC provides highly-skilled, round-the-clock care for persons who are severely disabled or affected by acquired brain injury. In addition to medical, dental and vision services provided, clients of WLRC have a team who consult and provide physical therapy, prosthetic devices, dietary needs, vocational considerations, and activity plans. Living services include personal hygiene and safe environment which follows the direction and individualized plan provided by the care team.


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